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September-October, 2022

Product Line Sheet, Subscription Boxes


Lip Smack-  This is a fun item!  One of the favorites at the shows and events.  Four scents/flavors- Cherry, Blueberry, Raspberry, Strawberry.

Combination lip exfoliator and balm.  Keeps lips moisturized all day long.  All food grade ingredients only - 100% safe!

2 ounce (full size)
Subscription box price-$1.20
Wholesale Price-$2.50
Suggested Retail-$7-$9


All of our products contain only 100% therapeutic and food grade ingredients from the base raw source.  There are NO chemicals, preservatives, testing or fillers whatsoever.  Each product is designed to bring a working enjoyment for its user.  


Hand, Face, Body Scrub-  This is our bread and butter product-and where it all began. Multiple kinds.  Each scrub is a base of coconut oil, grape seed oil and sugar.  Individual types include other ingredients designed to work your skin a different way. Each offer a unique scent which are a pleasure and experience while applying.

Sizes-2 ounce, 4 ounce, 8 ounce
Subscription box price - 2 ounce-$1.50
                                         4 ounce-$1.60
                                         8 ounce-$1.80
Wholesale Price-$7-$25 (dependent on outlet and size)  
Options for Scrub Types:
Mint Coffee
Holiday Spice
Floral Invigoration


Pricing Special for Holiday Spice and Vanilla!

These are our traditional Holiday type Scrubs and we can offer a subscription box price on these 2 scrubs at only $1each for a 

minimum order for this would be 150 (this is the FULL 8 ounce!

Additional Product Possibilities:
Tattoo Butters- Sizing and price options-beneficial for new tattoos for hydration and protection and older ones offering deepening color, longevity and  smoothness.

Scrub Medicus- 4 ounce-ingredients help with aches and pains from colds and flus, nasal passage clearing and lessens head and body aches.  

Face Refresher and Toner- 4 ounce-for daily use before or after work, going to bed or waking up.  Brings about a tightness of the facial muscles and clears nasal passages, hydrates skin, helps with blemish lessening. 
Gig Harbor, WA
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