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SASS! came into existence when our family was trying everything and anything to help with our hand needs.  Peeling, cracking and always painful.  Our daughter, Monika (formerly Moni's Coconut Scrubs) started her own company featuring coconut and sugar in specialty formulated scrubs.  We tried, and immediately felt the difference. The scrubs were gentle, exfoliated as needed and brought relief all day!  It was nothing like we have experienced before.  

Monika decided to go back to school and we bought the business from her, and Voila!! SASS! was born. 

Using the proven formula, and making sure to only add ingredients that were either food or therapeutic grade, local where we can get them, organic where we can get them-with absolutely NO:



Imitation Scents

Animal Testing


We have added some products to the initial scrubs and will be working to continue bringing new and vibrant all natural skin care products to our current inventory.  

We care about what goes on peoples skin, and we care that we can offer products of the highest integrity!  

Thank you for being part of our journey!

Located in BEAUTIFUL
Gig Harbor, WA!

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