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This scrub will make your sensations sing!   A perfect blend of two favorite aromas.  This customer favorite combines the great dynamic of sugar and coconut oil while blending true coffee bean and peppemint oil.  The coffee is terrific for your skin and has been known to help with cellulite reduction, reduce inflammation, treatment for skin blemishes and acne, soothes and cools.  The Mint makes your skin tingle and natural cleanses while offering antiseptic and antibacterial properties.  

Mint-Coffee Scrub

  • Our Hands, Face and Body scrubs all start with a base ingredient list of coconut oil, sugar and grapeseed oil.  The oils are the main carrying ingredients that help promote moisture and hydration all day or all night.  The sugar acts as the exfoliant, ridding dead cells, helping to scrub off skin irritants, and get down to the base layer of your skin for the other ingredients begin to work.

    Each additional ingredient found in the different scrubs have therapeutic and healing properties that will benefit your skin.  

    To Use: 
    Coconut Oil melts at 76 degrees.  Depending on the temperature of the room, it may be soft or hard when you first use.  If scrub is harder when you begin its use each day, the body temp of your fingers will melt it immediately enabling use. 

    For using in shower, sink, etc- turn water on, warm water works best, quickly wet hands then take a generous scoop of scrubs using two fingers and rub it in to your hands, or other parts of your body. Massage for about a minute is recommended.  After completion, rinse completely of the sugar or other exfoliants in the scrub.  Dry with soft towel and your skin will be left smooth and cool and you should feel the effects immediately.  

    Use in the morning for all day moisturizing, and in the evening to help heal your hands after chores, work or other.  On dry, cracked, peeling, itching, or other skin ailment, use is encouraged 4-5 times daily until you feel complete healing in those problem areas. 

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