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Sell Tattoo Butter in your Shop!!

Our Tattoo Butter is formulated with only highest quality oils and spices at therapeutic levels.  Multi-function use is a must have protectant and moisturizer for new tattoos, and as a longevity health and color booster for existing tattoos which can be used long term.  

Did You Receive our Postcard or email?

SASS! Tattoo Butter offers great margins. 

Small enough to stock at register/check out area or at each individual artists station.

   Your Cost: 2 ounce:   $5.       Suggested Retail: $10-$15

                  3 ounce.   $8.                              : $15-$20


Order 50 or more units and save $1 on each! 

Offering FREE Shipment with your first order!

SASS! has multiple options for you to bring Tattoo Butter into your parlor. We offer no minimums, trial options and consignment contracts.  

We can also provide private labels, customize colors, labels and packaging and have additional sizes available.  

We also offer your customers to reorder directly from us, either on subscription or individual base, and you will still get your sales percentage for each sale!  

Try us out! 
You and your clients will be happy you did!

SASS! produces the finest tattoo butter on the market.  Now you can offer this product to your customers.  We offer two sizes, NO minimum orders, and the highest quality ingredients.  

Contact us today with any questions, or with your order:


SASS!'s Tattoo Butter is made with only food grade ingredients. There are no chemicals, no preservatives and no imitation scents. 

Your clients will love the way it feels, cools and protects new tattoos without clogging pores.  

Your clients will also love it for their older tattoos as it naturally brightens, shines and brings back original color.

You will feel confident with providing SASS! Tattoo Butter to your clients. 

We also offer Beard Creme for styling and Concoction for healing at piercing sites  

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