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Lip Smacks

SASS! Lip Smacks are a pleasurable way to moisturize and hydrate your lips.  The smacks can works as a base exfoliant also.  All of this comes in the single product.  Lip Smacks are convenient to use and delicious!   

Lip Smacks are made from only food grade ingredients.  Nothing else are added.  Just the oils, the sugar and fruit emulsion base.  

To use as an exfoliant have access to warm running water.  Simply spread the desired amount on to your lips, rub and scrub into your lips.  Rinse completely. The sugar acts as the exfoliant and gentle takes off dead skin while the oils stay on the lips to keep hydrated and moisturized. 

To use as straight "Smack" which will give you the same result as a lip balm or gloss.  Simply rub desired amount on lips and then "smack" your lips together.  Enjoy the taste, enjoy the hydrating effect. 

Box of 4 Lip Smacks. 1 each of Strawberry, Raspberry, Blueberry and Cherry


Beard Creme

SASS!'s specially formulated Beard Creme is to use for a variety of reasons. It can help with evens and growth, smooths stubble, alleviates and slows dry and graying whiskers and makes a freshly shaven face feel baby smooth. Use daily with full beards, or in between shaves, and can use just before or after a shave.  


To use Beard Crem with a permanent beard, simply rub desired amount onto your beard after your normal washing routing.  Rub in completely.


To use in between shaves to help lessen stubble, apply light coat on all areas and go heavier on locations that may be patchy or harder to grow. 


To use before a shave-either electric or razor simply apply prior to or instead of shaving cream.  


To use after shave, simply wash or rinse face completely after shaving, dry completely, then apply beard cream. 


May also be used as a grease for your electric razors.  

2 ounce jar of Beard Creme


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