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Scrubs can be used on your hands, face and full body.  

Our Scrubs have a main base of Coconut Oil and Sugar.  Certain products will have added brown sugar or additional carrier oils such as Grape Seed or Olive.

Directions:  Our Scrubs typically melt at temps in the high 70s and up.  Should this be the case with your scrubs, at anytime, a simple stirring will get them back to order.  You may find the scrubs to be liquid, separated or oils hardening on the top.  All this is a natural process as each ingredient that we use is from the raw source, so they act as nature intended.  Stirring will put them back correctly. Additionally, a short time in the refrigerator or under running cold water for a few minutes after stirring will get them back to original form quickly. 


Scrubs typically work best with warm water.  Simply wet face, hands or body area that you would like to use the scrubs, then scoop desired amount and massage into the area for 1-3 minutes, but if you want shorter or longer times-feel free.   After you are finished with the massaging, rinse with the warm water.   This can be repeated as often as you like. 

The sugars act as the natural exfoliant, while the oils provide the moisturizing and hydrating for your skin and lasts throughout the day.  The additional ingredients provide many added benefits such as eczema relief, aches and pains, skin spots, rash, itchiness, major dry skin, etc. 

SASS!'s scrub availability changes often. Be sure to ask us if you don't see a scrub available that you are interested in.  

Our current scrubs change often. If you don't see your favorite one- contact us! 


VINTAGE: Brings nostalgia . Relieves aches, pains, eczema, severe dry skin and is anti-bacterial. 



FLORAL INVIGORATION: Scents of a garden. The is a beautiful scrub that focuses on alleviating dry skin, aches and itchiness.  


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